Gmail Login, Google Account Login

Gmail Login is a very easy process to login to your Gmail or Google Account. You can login into Gmail by Google or directly from Please make sure you have a valid Gmail email address before you login into Gmail or Google. It is important that you have to have one Google email address (also known as Gmail account) to for this procedure. If you don’t have one, check how to create Gmail account gradually.



Steps for Gmail Login:

  1. First of all, open your web browser.
    • It can be Safari, Mozilla, Chrome, or any other that you use.
    • If you have already opened a web browser just click on the File > New Tab or CTRL + T (for windows based users) Command ⌘ + T (for Mac Users).
  2. Now, click on the address-bar of the browser which you have already opened, and type or and press Enter or Return key.
  3. Make sure that you have Gmail login page loaded which would look like in the image below.
    • If you see the same page which just got loaded looks same like the above image, that means you are doing good.
  4. Now, enter your full email address (e.g. example.username42@gmail.comand click Next button.
    • After clicking on Next button another page gets loaded with your full name and under that you’ll see your full email address.
  5. Below your email, you’ll see in a rectangular box inside the box it says “Password”. Click on that box and type your password for  your Gmail Account.
  6. Before you click on blue rectangular Sign In button, make sure you check the “Stay signed in” option.
    • This is a select option button – if you are using someone else Computer “Unselect” ☐ it.
    • If you want to save your Gmail Login, or if you want your computer to save your Gmail Password you may have it checked.
    • Selecting this option is only recommended for personal devices.
  7. Finally, click on “Sign In” button.
    • And, DONE!… Hurray!
    • Now you are in your Gmail Inbox where you can see all your email and also send emails to someone you desire.
  8. After done with your Gmail Login and get to see all the email as well as send it, make sure you logout as well.

Gmail Sign Up – Step By Step

Gmail sign up is an easy procedure to create a Gmail account, which can be done for free. With one Gmail account, you can get access to all of the Google Services like Google DriveGoogle PlusYouTube, and Google Play and so on.

If you haven’t still signed up Gmail and confused about how to, you’ve landed into the right page. We will guide you through detailed step by step process of Gmail sign up.

Steps for Gmail sign up:

  1. Open any web browser you prefer or a new tab on the one you are using and enter
  2. This will take you to the Gmail login page. Click on the “Create account” link.
  3. On “Create account page” that appears now, you’ll need to answer a set of questions for Gmail sign up.
  4. Starting with your First and Last name, fill into provided boxes.
  5. Then, choose a unique username that you’d like to use as your Gmail address. For instance,
  6. Next, enter a password for your Gmail which should be unique, easy to remember and strong enough to ensure your account’s security. A password must contain at least 8 characters.
  7. Type your password again to Confirm.
  8. Select your Birthday.
  9. Select your Gender.
  10. Enter your Mobile phone number followed by Country Code This is a crucial step in Gmail sign up as your phone number will come handy in case you lose your account information.

OR, you can also type in your Current email address.

  1. Type text in the box to verify this Gmail sign up is not being carried out by automated bot.
  2. Select your Location.
  3. Then, check in the box indicating “I agree to the Google Terms of Services and Privacy Policy.
  4. Click the blue “Next step” button below.
  5. You will be asked to set up a Google plus account for which you can click “Add a photo” to set your profile picture and then “Create a profile” or else “No Thanks” to skip this step.
  6. Finally, click on the “Continue to Gmail” button in the next page and you’ll be able to view Gmail inbox of your new Gmail account.
  7. If you would like to know how to login to your Gmail account, check our step by step guide to Gmail Login.

Gmail Change Password – Quick & Simple

Gmail change password is very important for your personal privacy and your personal security. But when you want to change your password just because you want to and not able to find where to and how you can. This page comes in handy. Please follow the procedure below to conduct your Gmail Change Password.

How to perform Gmail change password:

You can change your Gmail change password via or

If you enter from Gmail you’ll have to go through two more steps but from you can do this directly. It’s like going to lawn from your kitchen directly or from your room via-via.

Via & via

If you going to make Gmail Password Change through Gmail you’ll have to follow the steps from Step 1. But if you want Gmail Change Password via you’ll have to perform login first and you can directly proceed to step 5.

  1. Simply open a browser and login to your Gmail Account with your Gmail email address and your current Password.
  2. Now go to, the top right corner where 9 small square dots and circle with a bell, just beside that look for Google profile image. (Image can be your photo or empty)
  3. Now click on that image and small box pops up with your image, your name, along with your email address.
  4. Just below that “My Account”, click on my account link and proceed to another page were account settings preference is.
  5. After the page is loaded, three columns with “Sign-in & Security”, Personal info & Privacy” and Account preference.”
  6. Out of these 3 columns, go to first one. By clicking on the “Sign-in & security   > ” which will forward to another page which looks like image below:
  7. Please scroll down a little, beside the “Signing in to Google” sub-heading you’ll see on your right side “Password & sign-in method.”
  8. In side the “Password & Sign-in method” box you’ll see “Password with the description when was the last time you changed your password and the date. Please click on that.
  9. Now, you’ll be forwarded to re-enter your password again just for security. This is to protect your account that someone else is not changing your password. Re-enter your current password and click on “Sign in” again.
  10. The next page which loads is where you’ll be able to see Google / Gmail Change Password.
  11. Type in new password and re-enter new password, just entered on the above, after that click “CHANGE PASSWORD”. If not sure on what you have entered, click on the eye button.
  12. After clicking on Change Password small Yellowish Box appears showing, “Your password was changed”, and automatically you’ll be sent back to your account page.
  13. GREAT!! Congratulation you just managed to do Google / Gmail Change Password.
  14. You can also see the video on how to change Gmail Change Password.

Gmail Sign Out – Quick & Easy

Gmail Sign Out is the process in which you make your things personal and not public. Its very important to always do Gmail Sign Out steps not only when you are using office computers at work or even your personal computer at home, never to forget sometimes even in your mobile devices.

Here’s how you can get your Gmail Sign Out:

Please follow the steps by step below:

1) On the right top corner of your web browser in which you have opened your Gmail, you’ll see your Name,  9 small squares, Bell inside a white circle and your picture.

2) Now all you need to do is to click on your image on the top right corner.

3) When you do that rectangular box pops up with your image, your name, under your name is your email address and under that you’ll see My Account, below that is Add Account and just long with Add account its a rectangular box it says “Sign out

4) Just click on that “Sign out” and you are done. Congratulation you have successfully Signed out from your Gmail.

5) When the page gets loaded after Gmail sign out, you’ll still see your image and your name with the email address below that. You might think that, you have still not signed out from your Gmail. Don’t Worry!! It shows you this just because if you want to sign in again. As you can see that the password box is empty. Which means that you’ll have to enter your password to sign in again. You are safe to walk out.

6) If you don’t want the page to keep your name and email address showing like that you can simply click on the link which says “Sign in with different account“.

7) Next Page loads with your image and name with email account. Under that you’ll see “Add accountand Remove button. Just chill and click on the “Remove

8) After doing that, just on the right side of your image, name and Email address “X” sign appears. Now simply click on that and one message appears saying “You’ve removed all accounts”.

9) Finally, Just click “Done” and YES you are DONE. Have a Wonderful Day 🙂

Login Gmail – Simple Steps

Login Gmail is how you get your self into all the mails and also will be able to send mail, which you already know by now. But how to it perform properly. The right way to get your ‘login Gmail’ process is what we’ve in this page. Remember everything you do will be on your side. Just follow all the steps and it’s like making an apple pie. “Which even I’m trying to make it.”

For Login Gmail here is the must have before you start:

– Google/Gmail Account Username & Password (If you don’t have one you must have to create one, you can go to Gmail sign up to know how you can create one for yourself, which will be yours for life.. if you know how to just simple on the link to make one or

First of all, you need to do is open a new window or new tab in your web browser. Which operating system you use. (Operating system? Well in simple words, when you turn on your computer what comes first ‘a window, a penguin or an apple’. If its windows you are using Microsoft Windows OS (Operating System). If an APPLE logo shows up means you’re using OSX like wise a Penguin for Linux)

Now you must us wondering why I’m asking you to know your OS. Well it’s easy & faster to type than to roll your mouse or your finger.

When you open any web browser if you are using APPLE OSx its easy to click Command ‘⌘’ + Nfor new Window and Command ‘⌘’ + T to get your new TAB on the same window. But in Microsoft Window Operating System based computers its Control + N for new windows and Control + T for new TAB.

Well, let’s get back to our login Gmail now.
Now you can use you same browser to make mission ‘Login Gmail’ by opening one new page (recommended). Resize it so that you can be able to see this page as well as the new page you going to get your login Gmail on.

For login Gmail, on the top long empty bar you can just type or just do copy & paste the links, which are below.

To copy & paste:
Windows based computers – Control + C (to Copy) & Control + V (to Paste)
Apple based computer – Command‘⌘’ + C (to Copy) & Command ‘⌘’ + V (to Paste)

  • Now just hit ENTER / RETURN

Now, like the image below. “Enter your email address” there is where you’ll have to enter your email address, that was created just before or long time back. (eg: now you don’t have to type in all your email address, you can just type your first part of your email which is before “@” sign. And you can click on that blue colored button in which it’s written “Next

Let the page to load and name with full email address comes. Enter Password and again click on the blue rectangular bar “Sign in”

Finally, If this is your personal computer and you want your computer to save your email & password to be saved, leave the correction mark on, if not take off the correction mark. “Stay signed in

Now again let the page to get loaded after your click on the “Sign in” you’ll see all your email like the image below. Which means you have successfully logged in to your Gmail.

Video that will help you to do ‘Login Gmail’

BOOM!! You have just managed to complete your mission “login Gmail” is now complete. Congratulation.

Gmail Account Login – Quick & Easy

Gmail Account login process is easy as it can’t be; I know it’s frustrating when things are not happening just with a click when you want it to be. You are on the write page looking for what you need to do to get your Gmail Account Login.

Quick & Easy – Gmail Account Login

First of all open a web browser if its already on, Click on File and Click on new window. So that you have this website opened at the same time and a new one in which you can also try all the steps to get your Gmail Account Login.

Make sure you can see both your bowsers side by side so that you can see and try at the same time rather than going back and forth.

On the address bar you can type in or or any of these three. If you see the page, which gets loaded after you entered the address than its good to go to another page,


but if someone else photo or name comes. (Like in this picture below)

You will have to logout that person from that page. To know how to do that, please go to Gmail Sign out.

After you hit enter you’ll be asked to type in your email address or username, which you had created with or if you don’t have Gmail account please go to Gmail sign up to create one.

Now please enter your password to access your account. But if this is not the page you want to see, please scroll down to see more.

Now, here’s the difference, if you type in & which will direct you to mailing site of yours, in which you’ll have all your emails. See pictures below

But if you type that will direct you to another page, see picture please {Gmail login Page)

If this is the page you want, great!! You have it and you are good to go from here. Now what can you go with this Gmail Login Account Page?

As you can see on the first column “Sign-in & Security” by clicking on that you’ll be able to:

1- Signing in to Google
2- Device activity & notifications
3- Connected apps & Sites

Second Column allows you to choose how you want your Gmail account login privacy to be which also included your personal info’s.