McDonalds Vitamin Finest Selection Awards

Your late for an appointment, operating vigorously, and simply
realized you’re hungry and have not eaten lunch. You look
round and the one place you’ll find rapidly is
McDonalds. What do you do?

Your thoughts says no, it is not wholesome meals. Your abdomen says sure,
it is time to eat. It’s both going with out meals, or grabbing one thing rapidly at McDonalds. What about all of the detrimental publicity relating to McDonalds vitamin data?

You make the choice to seize one thing so your thoughts is evident
on your massive appointment. Now what? Burgers, McNuggets, fries, shakes, salads all confuse you as the very best dietary selection.

After reviewing the present McDonalds vitamin info, I’ve
determined to make it simpler for shopper to make clever
selections by itemizing my McDonalds “Finest Selection Awards.” Please keep in mind, you do have a selection. Mickey D’s has made an try to supply some more healthy options to select from. It’s your accountability to make that clever selection¬†menu mcd dan harga

My largest concern when analyzing the McDonalds vitamin info was the quantity of artery clogging saturated fats present in every merchandise. I additionally paid shut consideration to the quantity of energy present in every merchandise.

Please observe, there are more healthy gadgets discovered on their
menu than up to now, however total, it isn’t like consuming brown rice and steamed greens. I’m itemizing all of the meals under within the “not too dangerous” class.

Right here is my listing of the McDonalds “most suitable option awards.”
The selection is yours!

1. Premium Grilled Rooster Traditional Sandwich 2g saturated fats / 420 energy

2. Rooster McNugget (four piece) 2 g saturated fats / 170 energy

three. Fruit and Walnut Salad 2 g saturated fats / 310 energy

four. Caesar Salad (with out hen) 2.5 g saturated fats / 90 energy** Watch out for the saturated fats within the dressing. The most effective dressing supplied is the Newman’s Personal Cobb Dressing.

5. Caesar with grilled hen three g saturated fats / 220 energy

6. Rooster McNuggets (6 piece) three g saturated fats / 250 energy

7. Premium Spicy Rooster Sandwich three g saturated fats / 510 energy

eight. Premium Crispy Rooster Traditional Sandwich three g saturated fats / 500 cal.

9. McChicken three.5 g saturated fats / 370 energy

10. Rooster Selects Premium Breast Strips (three laptop) three.5 sat. / 140 cal.

11. Bacon Ranch Salad with out hen three.5 sat. / 180 cal.

12. Hamburger three.5 g sat. / 260 cal.

13. Premium Grilled Rooster Ranch Sandwich four g sat. / 490 cal.

14. Filet of Fish four g sat. / 400 cal.

15. Finest dessert is Fruit and Yogurt

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